Benched: What a Leader Can Learn from the Sidelines

Perhaps, you remember the January 28, 2018 NCAA Football National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the... Read More

The Leader’s View From the Crow’s Nest

Years ago, my husband and I went sailing with some friends in San Diego. When we boarded the boat,... Read More

Eroding Culture: Is Your Culture Eroding?

Organizations with strong cultures can spend decades putting together the elements that, when combined, create a compelling culture. These... Read More

Eroding Culture: How to Solve the Problem

Previously, I shared signs that your organization’s culture may be eroding. If you have ever experienced water erosion on... Read More

Care More. Serve Better.

Sometimes, teams and organizations find themselves in a place of losing their service edge. Often times, leadership rushes to... Read More

Purpose, Plan and Play: Are You a Pin Ball or a Golf Ball?

Over the last few years, I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal change. Our family lost my Dad... Read More

Gracious Influence

Have you ever met someone that you have always wanted to meet, only to find that person to be... Read More

“It’s My Pleasure”: A Year Later

In some ways, the past twelve months was a year I could have never imagined. I still look at... Read More

The Leader You Never Want to Be

Perhaps, you have been challenged to think about “the best leader you have ever known” when participating in a... Read More

Improve Your Teenager’s Skills with These Tips

Improve Your Teenager’s Leadership Skills With These Tips You may think qualities like leadership skills are just personality traits... Read More

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