Care More. Serve Better.

Sometimes, teams and organizations find themselves in a place of losing their service edge. Often times, leadership rushes to... Read More

Purpose, Plan and Play: Are You a Pin Ball or a Golf Ball?

Over the last few years, I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal change. Our family lost my Dad... Read More

Gracious Influence

Have you ever met someone that you have always wanted to meet, only to find that person to be... Read More

“It’s My Pleasure”: A Year Later

In some ways, the past twelve months was a year I could have never imagined. I still look at... Read More

The Leader You Never Want to Be

Perhaps, you have been challenged to think about “the best leader you have ever known” when participating in a... Read More

Improve Your Teenager’s Skills with These Tips

Improve Your Teenager’s Leadership Skills With These Tips You may think qualities like leadership skills are just personality traits... Read More

How to Fall in Love With Your Job

Most people work to make a living, but for some, work is a calling that drives us to both... Read More

5 Leadership Lessons From Super Bowl 50

  Leadership Lessons From the Big Game   Some would think it strange for a woman to write about... Read More

The Power of One

The Power of One Have you thought about it lately?  Have you thought about the power of one word... Read More

Holding It All Loosely: How to Avoid Missed Opportunity

Do We Ever Look Back and Ask, “What Might Have Been?” Of course. It happens countless times over the... Read More

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