The Sweet Spot: Coaching 4 Personalities for Optimal Team Chemistry

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How The Best Leaders Guide Others Through Change (8 Habits to Live By)

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8 Ways Focused Leaders Embrace Change

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The Secret Behind Happy Employees (infographic)

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I’ve Never Done This Before . . .

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The Stewardship of Young Talent

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“You Gotta’ Serve Somebody”

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Just Say “No!”

“It is kindness to refuse immediately what you eventually intend to deny,” was a favorite quote of my mentor,... Read More

Does Your Staff Commit or Comply?

Cultivating a spirit of commitment versus a command to compliance reaps continuous rewards in team member loyalty. Compliant employees... Read More

Cultivate an Abundancy Mentality

When I visit my young friends in a remote village in Africa, they impress me so much by their... Read More

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