The Art of Truth Telling

The kindest thing you can do for someone is tell the truth. Most every person has a shortage of... Read More

The Stewardship of Seasoned Leadership

Lloyd slumped in his chair with his head in his hands. As unusual as it is in today’s corporate... Read More

Foster Dreams and Grow Engagement

My boss has been known to say,” employees are a gift to be stewarded, not an asset to be... Read More

5 Important Steps to Selecting Talent

People decisions are, perhaps, the most important decisions we make. That is true whether we are selecting an employee,... Read More

Don’t Only Retain Talent, Sustain It, Too!

While in New York this past week, I visited a store that specializes in paper products made from repurposed... Read More

Create a Compelling Culture

It’s an elusive concept to describe. When someone asks me how our organization cultivates such an incredible culture, my... Read More

Consider Your Calling

On a crisp fall morning, I recently had a rare opportunity for a weekday breakfast at a local restaurant.... Read More

How Big Is Your Contrail?

While sitting on my back porch right at sunrise yesterday morning, a plane flew across the blue sky and... Read More

Hire People or Select Talent?

One of the most important decisions to make in any business is choosing who will work in the business.... Read More

The Mystery of Chemistry

The Periodic Table of Elements was not my friend in high school. In fact, had it not been for... Read More

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