With all the writing and speaking I do about the subject of creating amazing customer experiences, I am often asked to name my own favorite brands. New brands are added to my list all the time, but a few have been game changers for me. Each of these brands demonstrate the highest levels of customer service provided by extraordinary talent. The consistency of my amazing customer experiences leads me to believe that each of these organizations have chosen to Bet on Talent to win the hearts of their customers. In no particular order, here are my current favorite customer service brands:

  • Peloton

In short, Peloton has changed my life. I asked for a Peloton bike for Christmas 2 years ago. In those two years, I have logged 600 workouts and experienced phenomenal health results. A significant weight loss and tremendous strength gains made the investment worthwhile. However, the real win was at my annual physical when all of my exams and tests indicated that I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago.  Retirement from my corporate leadership role and healthier eating certainly helped, but Peloton kept me going.

The odd thing about my relationship with this brand is that I have never had an interaction that was not digital. I have never talked to customer service or visited a showroom or even taken a “live” class. Even so, when I log on to a class, the energy of the instructor makes me feel like they are in the room with me. Every class ends with the opportunity to provide instant real-time feedback and I see by the improvements they make that they listen to their customers.

My absolute favorite thing about Peloton is they are always pursuing what’s next. It seems they have an improvement or new technology to offer every week. That indicates to me that they have selected very bright talent. Even their marketing feels personal to me. They don’t constantly bombard me with emails, but instead they send communication when they have something important to know about my equipment or their on-line offerings.

The indicator of a great brand is when customers cannot imagine life without it. That’s exactly how I feel about Peloton.

  • Delta Airlines

As a public speaker, I spend hours upon hours on airplanes and in airports. In the last 4 years, I have earned over 500,000 mileage qualifying miles on Delta airlines. Yes, that garners me some special treatment from time-to-time, but most of the time what I appreciate is the individual kindness from their employees who have no idea of how frequent of a traveler I am.

Just this week, I flew 4 flights on Delta. Sitting in main cabin, the flight attendants chatted with me, asking me about my week, how my trip was going and, of course, thanking me for choosing Delta. Ordinarily blankets are not provided in main cabin, but I asked for one and the flight attendant searched until she found one for me. When she realized I was using it to roll and place behind my aching neck, she returned to ask me if another one would help and would I like some ice also.

As often as I fly, I really appreciate the special treatment for medallion status, but I appreciate even more when I observe the crew treating everyone with the same kindness. I have observed a Captain wheel a passenger off in a wheel chair, a flight attendant calm a screaming baby and dozens of other gestures of going the extra mile for passengers.

It’s impossible for any airline to be perfect, but I always feel cared for and valued by someone when I board a Delta Airlines flight. When you spend so much time away from home, it’s nice to be greeted with a smile and a friendly “hello” on arrival and a fond farewell on departure.

  • Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels

For the vast majority of my travel, I stay in chain business hotels. Occasionally, when the event is located at a spectacular venue, I have the opportunity to enjoy an upscale hotel. None have been more enjoyable than the Four Seasons. One of their specialties is to surprise and delight their guests in the most unexpected ways. Recently, I was staying at one of their properties and my husband and I took a city tour. At the end of the day, we returned to our hotel to receive a photo of us from the day already framed.

The incredible staff at the Four Seasons has the most incredible way of making each guest feel like the most important person staying at the hotel. Never forgetting a name, asking if they can serve in any other way and saying “My Pleasure,” when I thank them are just a few hallmarks of their service. When I stay there, I am quite certain if there is anything I need, they will find a way to accommodate my request.

  • London Black Taxi Drivers

With so many options in the world for ground transportation, this may seem like an odd choice. From rental cars to app supported ride services, I have had many disappointments. Traveling in London in a licensed black taxi (they can be any color) is an enjoyable experience and mostly because of the taxi driver.

Stepping into an impeccable taxi with plenty of room for up to 5 passengers or a wheelchair if needed, the taxi driver greets the passenger and is happy to act as a tour guide en route to the destination. Taxi drivers in London must pass an extensive knowledge test that includes knowing 320 routes and 25,000 streets. They are required to know how to get to a destination from memory without technology aids. They are also tested on knowledge of monuments, museums and other historical landmarks. If you are looking for a pub, a restaurant or a shop, they are ready to give multiple recommendations.

Riding in a clean and fresh smelling London Black Taxi with a knowledgeable driver is an experience in itself when visiting London. This amazing customer experience was so over the top, I never opened my ride-share app during my visit to London.

Catching great talent delivering amazing customer experiences is one of my favorite things to share. When I hit the road next week, I will be looking to add to my list. Who are some of your favorite brands for delivering legendary customer service?