Since It’s My Pleasure is out of print, I receive emails, private messages and posts asking me where to find a copy of the book. The only place I know of is Amazon third party. Some copies are selling for as much as $156.75 as of today. In a few weeks, my guess is they will be selling for much, much less, maybe even for pennies. Here is why: Bet on Talent: How to Create a Remarkable Culture that Wins the Hearts of Customers releases on September 3.

About 18 months ago, Baker Publishing Group acquired the rights to It’s My Pleasure. Then they worked some magic. They asked me to re-write the book, adding new principles, new content, new stories and highlighting other organizations. So I did. At the end, together, we created a much better book that I am very excited about you reading.

For those that cannot find a copy of It’s My Pleasure – all of that content, with a few updates, is in Bet on Talent. For those that loved It’s My Pleasure, you will discover brand new ideas, stories and principles in Bet on Talent and a better written book to share with friends and colleagues.

It’s still my pleasure, but that is the past. Now, in this difficult labor market, when it has never been more challenging to find and keep talent, I hope you will join me on the journey to Bet on Talent.