How do you grow a remarkable culture within your family? It is as easy to be intentional about family culture as it is any other organization. The elements are the same: A meaningful purpose, a challenging mission and demonstrated core values.

A Meaningful Purpose. Why does this family exist? Why were we created and placed together?

A Challenging Mission. What does this family want to accomplish together? What big goals do we rally around in different seasons of our lives?

Demonstrated core values. What the behaviors that will be acceptable in this family? What values will we be known for? How will we demonstrate them?

How One Family Created a Remarkable Culture

I know a family with four children. It is evident that they have a very intentional purpose. In fact, I know their family purpose is to serve. It’s simply that – whatever they do, wherever they do, they are there to serve and that is their family purpose. They serve each other and others.

At one point, as the children were growing up, their mission was for all four children to earn a scholarship to pay for their college education.

They had demonstrated core values:

  1. To be physically healthy. The ran as a family before school every morning. They ate healthy meals together as a family. The kids played multiple sports and they engaged in outdoor activities as a family.
  2. To be lifelong learners. When the children were young, during the summer after lunch, instead of returning to the neighborhood swimming pool, they had to read for one hour – every day. When the rest of us were headed to the beach on vacation to relax, they were touring historical places and visiting museums.
  3. To be loyal to one another. They took care of each other. They didn’t talk badly about parents and siblings to others. They worked out their disagreements together.

Mission Accomplished

A few years ago they achieved their challenging mission. The fourth child was provided a full scholarship. In fact, all four children attended one of the United States Service Academies – Army, Air Force and Navy.  The achievement of their family mission and the choices of their educational institution  fit their family culture perfectly.They have a family purpose of serving and values of maintaining physical health, being lifelong learners and practicing loyalty. These attributes match the role of a military leader.

If you are ready to help your family implement an intentional culture for loving and growing together, the holidays are the perfect time to focus and live out purpose, mission and values within your family. Click To TweetAs you sit around the holiday table or in front of the fireplace, take a few moments to assess your family culture. What could be added or amended to help your family create lasting influence and impact on others?

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