Previously, I shared signs that your organization’s culture may be eroding. If you have ever experienced water erosion on your property, you know that if you do not correct the problem, it gets bigger and bigger. Erosion to an organization’s culture can have the same damaging effects. It needs immediate attention before it turns into a much bigger problem.

So, how can we correct culture erosion before the foundation is lost completely? Consider these steps:

  1. Reconnect and recommit to the purpose. Be vigilant in teaching and modeling the reason you do what you do. Remember that the purpose of the organization is much bigger than the individuals of which it is comprised. It can be a powerful unifying force in the culture.
  2. Put the customer first. Perhaps, others in the organizations are not getting the messages from leadership about who they should be serving first. If employees are rewarded for their service to the leadership, they will not put the customer first. Be sure not to inadvertently encourage service to leadership over service to the customer.
  3. Value varying strengths and skills. Every person on the team has the potential to bring value to the team. Determine strengths and maximize them to achieve results. Both the comradery and the achievement will strengthen the culture.
  4. Constantly and repetitively remind people where the organization is headed. Help them to see their place and where they fit in the future of the organization.
  5. Respect what made the organization successful in the first place. Without getting stuck in the history, be sure to revere it and learn from it. Keep the best of the past alive and be willing to leave behind what no longer works.

If the culture in your organization is eroding, act quickly. Make it a top priority to get back on track. Organizations with strong cultures win. They out sell, out serve and out perform their competition.