Rally around a cause greater than my book.

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On November 3, I will be sharing a story that I have spent a lifetime designing. It’s My Pleasure: The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture is a business book that is not a business book–no jargon, no self service, no convoluted messaging. The strongest messages stand on their own and you deserve the clarity that I’ve tried to incorporate in this story.

What a refreshing change of pace, don’t you agree?

Now, with one month to launch, I was thinking to myself, “Why make people wait for this story?” Friends and colleagues come up to me daily asking for an advanced reader copy? Leaders, like you, want to understand how a company can place people above profit without trade-offs. Serving you is what makes me grin ear to ear and and this book is just one more tool I offer to leaders like yourselves.

So to that end, I thought: let’s rally a team of supportive readers willing to launch It’s My Pleasure.

The path to an advanced copy is just a few keystrokes away.


A launch team is a dedicated group of Dee Ann Turner supporters that will be willing to help announce the release of the book. They will help promote the launch of It’s My Pleasure through blogs or websites, social media, and reviews on retailer sites on November 3. We’re hoping you can help by agreeing to broadcast my central message.


Are you excited to read It’s My Pleasure and tell all your friends about it?
Do you have a place of influence (business leader, team member, event manager, etc.)? If you are savvy on social media, actively blogging, into writing reviews online, or you just love a good chicken sandwich, then APPLY HERE.


Four things:

  1. Read an early copy of the book!
  2. Sign up for my Thunderclap*
  3. Share the Official Book Trailer in your place of influence (blog, social media, website). We’ll give you timely visuals and links to make light work.
  4. Post a customer review on Amazon on launch day (11/3/2015). (No purchase necessary.)

*Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before. It allows a single message to be mass-shared. Help me send one message on one date.


You will receive a free advanced (digital) copy of the book, so you can read it and begin telling your friends about it. You will also be invited to a private Thunderclap social media network with the rest of my launch supporters where you will be updated on the activity and latest news around the book. This is your opportunity to see behind the pages of my book and be a part of a transformative culture movement!

In line with my personal mission to empower families, proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit domestic and global initiatives that support women, children and youth education. You will directly help those families.


Simple! Your only application is to sign up for my Thunderclap HERE. We are looking for hundreds of people to be a part of this movement. Upon signup, you will receive an email from the marketing team at Elevate Publishing within the next week.
We are taking applications starting today! When the time is up, it’s up…I want you with me.

For your friends, It’s My Pleasure is already available for preorder everywhere books are sold. Just see for yourself.


This launch application has ended. It’s My Pleasure is released for sale November 3rd, 2015! Order your copy today.

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