38 years ago today, my husband asked me to be his wife and I said “yes.” I did not know it at the time, because I was too young and inexperienced at life, that it would be the second most important decision of my life.

The first decision was claiming my faith and deciding that I would surrender my will and my life to God. Ultimately, I believe my path has been a series of twists and turns based on how well I did or didn’t listen and follow God’s will for me.

Other than that first decision, choosing my husband as a life partner had the single biggest impact of my life. Together, we raised children and built a life together that has been full of ups and downs, but so fulfilling, too.

What I did not know on that July day that I said “yes,” was the impact that he would have on my career. His support was the single most significant factor to any success I have ever achieved. In my corporate career, he shared home responsibilities and family responsibilities, so that I could be where I needed to be and do what I needed to do to be successful. Not only would it have been so much more difficult without him, it also would have been so much less enjoyable.

In this season of life as an author and speaker, my husband does everything from take me to airport, film videos, edit books, listen to endless ideas and give feedback to my dreams.  He does whatever it takes to help me be the best me.

Choosing who we travel through life with, whether it’s a spouse, a friend or even an organization is a critically important decision. We don’t have the advantage to see 40 years into the future and know how that decision will impact our life. I truly had no idea, but all of these years later, I am glad I said yes.