Invest in employee engagement to save billions of wasted dollars

Have you taken stock of your management style lately? The reality is a vast majority of leaders fail to bolster employee motivation and chances are your bottom line is hurting because of it. The traditional employee recruitment approach is proving to do more damage than good.

There is data to back up how low employee engagement can negatively affect a business, but managers may not fully understand the impact of complacent workers or they are at a loss on how to combat disengagement in the workplace. How do I create and keep happy workers? Let’s address that one.

Based on a body of research and countless factors lending to unhappy workers, I uncover three areas where leaders can balance the percentages of engaged workers in their favor. Here is the secret behind happy employees:

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The secret behind happy employees

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3 Areas to Sustain Talent

  • Emotionally

Sustainable Talent is emotionally healthy. Access to employee assistance programs, programs and activities for spiritual development and emphasis on healthy relationships inside and outside of the marketplace enhances emotional health. Emotionally healthy leaders manage day- to-day stress better, are more able to inspire other Talent, and generally make better decisions for the organization.

  • Mentally

Sustainable Talent is mentally healthy. Investment in the mental health of our talent pays great dividends. Rested minds are more innovative and creative. Stephen Covey’s seventh habit of highly effective people is to “sharpen the saw.” Mentally healthy people read, study, listen and observe to refine and perfect their craft. Promoting time for rest and renewal invites the opportunity for mentally healthy talent.

  • Physically

Sustainable Talent is physically healthy. Wellness is a popular benefit in many organizations now. Fitness centers, personal training, nutrition counseling and on-site medical clinics are highly sought-after perks among job seekers. Leaders must juggle competing priorities, stressful schedules and endless demands. Encouraging good physical health ensures that our organizations are stacked with available and capable talent to produce healthy organizational results. Obviously, circumstances and health are different from person to person and some people have limitations. However, the idea is to provide opportunities and the environment for each person to be as healthy as possible.

What Is Your Secret to Happy Employees?

Office perks? Personalized growth plans? Let us know by reaching us @DeeAnnTurner and make sure to mind the gap in employee engagement within your office. You business stands to benefit!

the secret to happy employees by dee ann turner