Of all the strategies and initiatives that organizations can choose to ensure their success, I suggest, above all others to Bet on Talent.  Whether it’s the most innovative technology, the most disruptive product to market, the winningest team in sports history or the most ingenious military strategy, they are all executed by talent.

So I encourage you to never hire a person again. Don’t fill vacancies. Instead, I encourage you to select talent and match that talent to roles that are critical to your success. When you “hire people,” you are only finding a warm body to meet a short-term need. Hiring people is a quantity decision – making sure there are enough people to fill a shift or finish a project. However, when you “select talent,” you are focused on quality. You are selecting someone who can bring skills, competencies and experiences that nobody else can to a specific role. More than that, you are looking for talent that can fill your bench for all of the opportunities in the future of your organization. Today’s selections are tomorrow’s leadership.

If we “start with why,” then we win with who. It is the who – extraordinary talent that creates and collaborates. The talent serves the guests and the customers providing amazing customer experiences. If we want to win with who, then we must bet on talent.

There are 3 criteria to consider when selecting talent:

The 3 C’s

  • Character – People can be taught how to do many things, but if they lack character they will eventually impact the culture of your organization, or worse. Ensure the talent you select has the character that is reflective of your organization’s purpose, mission and core values. They are the face of your brand in the marketplace and help protect your reputation. Character is critical.
  • Competency – Select people with skills, capabilities and experience that match the available role. Evaluate both the ability to produce results and to build and grow relationships. Look beyond the present need to your talent needs of the future. Choose the talent that helps you succeed in the current role but also will help you grow and succeed in the future. Make selection decisions with a long-term view.
  • Chemistry – Ensure that the talent you select mixes well with your team. The best candidates will be enthusiastic about your organization and the people in it. Choosing someone that does not complement the team personality can be a game breaker for your culture. Choosing someone that fits in the team well can be a game changer for your culture.

Surround yourselves with talented people whose character matches the organization, whose competency matches the role and whose chemistry matches the team and you will become a leader who bets on talent. Follow selecting extraordinary talent by stewarding and sustaining that talent and you will become an organization that wins with talent.

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